Jason Brennan

is a researcher focused on education, programming environments, and creative power tools

What have I done

Programming with Comics presents a prototype programming environment based on reading and understanding programs, without any baggage from plain text languages. This environment borrows from the medium of comics to unify creating and understanding programs.

On the Rumoured Xcode for iPad examines the potential of Swift on the iPad, Apple’s claims of the iPad as is its vision of the future of personal computing, and the true potential of programming for the masses.

The Early Math project was a research project I did at Khan Academy in 2015. We researched, designed, prototyped, and playtested dozens of interactive touch interfaces for enabling young children to learn math fundamentals, without resorting to cloying, patronizing, sugarcoated interfaces found in mainstream education software.

Hopscotch is a programming environment for kids on the iPad. I helped redesign and build the app. The interface uses direct manipulation of objects, drag and drop blocks of code, live previews of functions, natural language commands, and an active community of children who love emojis.

This Smalltalk Reading List contains books, essays, and videos detailing the time and place from which Smalltalk emerged, the mindsets and visions of its creators, and the influences Smalltalk has had on computer systems and their programming languages.

Speed of Light is where I’ve been linking and publishing random short essays about technology, programming, and education since 2010.